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Poultry cage, Chicken cage



•    The cleaning and disinfecting system is very simple without padding, reduce labor intensity;
•    Using the framework of hot-dip galvanizing processing, CNC machining, high precision, beautiful shape, the cage body has the characteristics of corrosion resistance, long service life for hot-dip galvanizing processing;
•    The chicken cage activity area of 500 mm high, can ensure the best ventilation network whole chicken;
•    Can easily open the cage door, convenient and close observation of chicken, chicken into the fast, simple;
•    Soft and elastic plastic floor, can prevent breast injury and improve the foot clean, health status, thus providing excellent health environment;
•    Excrement cleaning device of special design, reduce ammonia emission in shed;
•    Movable floor is simple in operation, can quickly out of broilers.

Driving motor, hauling winch and sliding door

Plastic floor, drinking nipples and the end of the system

Diagram of the unit structure:

Chicken amount for each cage:

Weight gram Number per cage Chicken/feed disc Chicken/drinking nipple
1500 137 68.5 11.4
1800 114 57 9.5
2250 91 45.5 7.6
2500 82 41 6.8
2800 73 36.5 6
3000 68 34 5.6


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