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poultry farm tower material conveying and weighting system


Gavinized sheet tower

Glass steel tower

•    High strength, corrosion resistance, long service life, convenient installation. Galvanized layer using 275g/ m2 towers of glass and steel two, lower cone with perspective hole can be observed in the material level, boarding a water (the bottom flange, to prevent ingress of water).
•    The glass steel material taco customization.

Feed Weighting system

Full closed box, IP grade 65, keyboard with touch type keyboard (4x4), setting more convenient.
•    192x64 large screen LCD Chinese display, friendly interface, monitoring and parameter setting is more clear.
•    High precision weighing signal acquisition.
•    Most can be connected 8 weighing sensor.
•    With automatic zero tracking, zero drift small automatic temperature compensation.

  • Real time monitoring of current weight and 9 days of accumulated material feed tower in feed.
  • Historical records, records of daily feed consumption and feed rate, storage for up to 60 days, and can easily browse.
  • Can realize the feeding time of up to 8 times 24 hours cycle.
  • The controller can be connected to the computer, so that the information centralized management


Feeding conveying screw

  • Screw conveyor is made of spring steel of high quality and very flexible;
  • Feed through pipe max 900 is safely and quickly delivered to the room, and does not produce feed deposition;
  • Can be widely applied to any type of houses;
  • Suitable for high throughput;
  • Convenient installation.
Tower specification
  Vol(m3 ) Height(m) Diameter(m) Material
JD-C18 4.10 3.50 1.80 Gavinaized
JD-2C18 6.60 4.83 1.80 Gavinaized
JD-3C18 8.70 5.73 1.80 Gavinaized
JD-C205 9.00 4.70 2.05 Gavinaized
JD-2C205 11.80 5.60 2.05 Gavinaized
JD-3C205 14.60 6.50 2.05 Gavinaized
JD-C245 9.63 4.70 2.45 Gavinaized
JD-2C245 13.80 5.60 2.45 Gavinaized
JD-3C245 17.90 6.50 2.45 Gavinaized
JD-C275 10.68 4.70 2.75 Gavinaized
JD-2C275 17.00 5.60 2.75 Gavinaized
JD-3C275 21.18 6.50 2.75 Gavinaized
JD-C305 14.92 4.70 3.05 Gavinaized
JD-2C305 21.46 5.60 3.05 Gavinaized
JD-3C305 27.03 6.50 3.05 Gavinaized

Conveyor system specification

Item Pipe size 75mm pipe size 90mm pipe size<D125
Cpacity 1400kg/h 2500kg/h 4500kg/h
Distance 60m 40m 25m
Motor(300rpm) 0.55/0.75kw 0.75/l.lkw 1.5kw
Out dia. 75mm 90mm 125mm
material&thickness PVC/3.3mm PVC/3.5mm PVC/5mm
Elbow-45 or 90° 1750mm 2550mm 2750mm
Out dia of screw 60mm 70mm 100mm
Screw scope 60mm 65mm 70mm

Connection of tower

Discharge box


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