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Chicken house environment controlling system


Air Heater

Used in livestock and Poultry house, greenhouse, heat-
supplying system in workshop, and for drying material.
Body of furnace, air inlet, air outlet, furnace gate, ventilator,
air blower, chimney.
1.    It has the advantages of rapid providing of clean hot air efficiently;
2.    Second burning technology is adopted in the course of burning and heat supplying. No black smoke exhausted from the machine and no pollution to the environment;
3.    It has the advantages of burn-resistance, wide longevity, automatic and manual temperature control.

Cooling System

Livestock and Poultry house, greenhouse, workshop Galvanized plate or plastic frame, humidity-conditioning pad, inlet water pipe, backwater channel
1.    Energy saving and cost efficiently;
2.    It can reduce the temperature effectively.


Scope: Livestock and Poultry house, greenhouse, workshop, warehouse
Frame plate, wind collector, flabellum, motor, shutter, automatic opening device, protecting net Features:    1.しow driving speed, large wind capacity, energy saving,
low noise;
2.    Automatic opening device of shutter;
3.    Cost efficiently;
4.    Wind & snow proof.

Model 9FZJ-1400 9FZJ-1250 9FZJ1250B 9FZJ-900 9FZJ-710 9FZJ-560
Diam of Fan Blade 1400 1250 1250 900 710 560
Rotary Speed (r/min) 310 369 369-190 485 700 875
Air Volume 2-4mmH2〇 60000 45000 45CXJO-23000 31000 13000 8700
Power (kw) 1.5 1.1 0.75-0.38 0.55 037 025
Noise しevel <75 《75 《75 《75 ^75 ^75
Shuttered 1550 XI550X441 1400 XI400X432 1400 XI400X432 1070 XI070X432 815X815X432 645 X 645 X 412
No Shutter 1550 X 1550X365 1400 XI400X365 1400X1400X365 1070 XI070 X 365 815X815X365 645 X 645 X 345

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