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Poultry chicken ground feeding system


Chain Feeding System

Scope:    Ground    or net feeding GP or PS
Components:    Feeding    tank,    driving    device,    angle    pulley,    chain,    feeder,
protecting bars, elevating rack 

Speed Chain Feeding System

1. 36 meters/minute;
2.    Even & smooth feed distribution;
3.    It is easily adjustable with the system able to accommodate the individual needs of different sized birds;
4.    Easy maintenance and operation;
5.    Hot glavanized,anti-corrosive,long durability.

Auger Feeding System

Automatic Auger Feeding System
Ground feeding GP or PS
Feed tower, auger, pan feeder, protecting wire, conveying
motor, suspending system and elevating winch.

Pan Feeding System

1.    The feed tower is made of galvanized steel plate that is sealed and has no remnants;
2.    The pan feeder can be used consistently from day old chicks to adult chickens;
3.    The conveying system drives stably and can distribute the feed into every pan feeder rapidly and provide adquate feed supply;
4.    The pan feeder is durable;
5.    Easy adjustment,maintenance and operation.


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