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automatic manure cleaning system and plastic floor


•    Manure board is poly propylene ratio of material, the grid is 22mm x40mm x4.4mm, anti-aging UV resistance, no edges and corners of R arc non-slip design does not hurt the chicken feet, strong bearing capacity, easy cleaning and installation, long service life.
•    The thickness of 45mm comfortable, soft, non-slip (poultry based on stable, foot health, improve Poultry Welfare).
•    No sharp edges (there is no risk of injury, the breast can not scratch).
•    Surface mesh structure (best fecal leakage, the feeding stage floors are clean).
•    According to the installation of different henhouse conditions, convenient disassembly.
•    Specifications: 1000mm x 600mm
•    Weight: 2700g

Triangle beam and adjustable leg
Triangle beams with high-strength anti-aging PVC materials, specifications: bottom width of 42mm x 120mm x 6mm thick and durable. Full plastic legs with adjustable height, avoid affect installation problem for farm uneven ground, directly connected to the river beam, convenient installation cost savings.

Reinforced joint
Reinforced joint innovation, so that leakage dung floor perfect connection, avoiding the damage to people or heavy pressure on joints due to the force area of floor caused by uneven.

Side connecting
Design and machining precision, the connection of perfect meshing, fecal leakage effect.

Load test
Design and materials with special structure, so that the overall strength is higher, stronger bearing gravity.

Automatic manure cleaning system
•    Traction type automatic dung cleaning machine is the best choice of modern farming field network is raised or cage, can effectively reduce the labor intensity, improve the environment of chicken house, greatly shorten the cleaning house time, eliminate farm pollution.
•    Drive system for heavy duty, power output is more powerful;
•    Components all use galvanized, corrosion resistant ability;
•    A dung scraping plate is reinforced, reasonable design, excrement cleaning clean, low failure rate;
•    Turning round reinforcement design, bear stronger and self-cleaning function.

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