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Poultry house ventilation system


Poultry house ventilation system

Butterfly long cluct fan
1.    butterfly gate design of small wind resistance, good performance, reduce the load of the motor.
2.    reasonable air volume, airforce.
3.    external motor repair, convenient.
4     frame adopts high quality galvanized steel sheet.
5.    three-phase energy efficient motor.
6.    3G certification, safe and reliable.

speed adjustable fan
1.    Directly connected the fan and motor, simple and reliable, maintenance-free.
2.    stable running, big air volume, low noise.
3.    shutter design using air downstream principle, preventing flies, prevent air backflow.
4.    brand low - power motor, powerful, use effect and the life.

Push-pull fan
1.    belt used Japanese imports, no need to adjust the 3 years.
2.    bearing, quality and grade of P6.
3.    motor adopts Siemens or domestic and international famous brand, has many years of experience in supporting.
4.    Typhoon aircraft are static and dynamic balancing check, ensure that the fan unbalance sig.
5.    outer layer of zinc is 275g/m2.
6.    blades have a Sino-German joint venture 304 stainless steel, the air volume 10 years without losing.
7.    louver linkage with aluminum alloy instead of plastic, avoiding the deformation, aging problem.
8.    open the device adopts the dawn material, pure raw material production, high strength, hardness. And the guide rod with 304 stainless steel, never aist. Push rod made a significant improvement in the structure, the torsional strength increased by 200%.
9.    connecting pieces are made of stainless steel material, never aist, easy disassembly.


36 inch constant speed 50  inch constant speed 24  inch adjustable speed 36 inch adjustable speed 50 inch adjustable speed 50 inch butter fly cluter fan
910mm 1270mm 630mm 920mm 1270mm 1270mm
460 460 0-930 0-930 0-450 460
32500 43170 14000 24000 45000 49000
0.37 1.1 0.37 0.75 0.75 1.1
<64 <64 <64 ^64 <64 <64
1000x1000x450 1380x1380x450 775x775x500 1000x1000x650 1380x1380x750 1380x1380x1300
220V/380V 380V 220V 220V 380V 380V
glass fiber reinforced plastic/ galvanized reinforced plastic/ galvanized glass fiber reinforced plastic glass fiber reinforced plastic glass fiber reinforced plastic galvanized


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