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wet curtain colling and ventilation window for poultry cage


The Jiamusi wood pulp paper, by adding the post-processing technology of chemical raw materials, special in the raw material, which has the characteristics of corrosion resistance, high strength, good air permeability, long service life etc.. Corrugated fiber structure with a certain angle design, provide enough surface for air and water heat exchange, and can purify outside air, has certain natural filtering function.

•    Wet curtain corrugated paper by special treatment, the specifications for the standard 70/90 type, structure, high strength, corrosion resistance, long using period;
•    Has excellent permeability, can guarantee the water drip wet the wall;
•    Three-dimensional space structure, the evaporation area of the largest water and heat exchange of air;
•    The framework consists of aluminum alloy, PVC, galvanized plate;
•    Thickness of 100mm, 150mm, size can be customized.

Wet curtain filter and Submers water pump

  • Use in combination with wet curtain, filter water impurities, to prevent water and pipe blockage.
  • The filter has the advantages of advanced structure, small resistance, convenient pollution discharge.
  •  Filter mesh for 18-30 /cm2.
  • The power frequency is 50Hz, single phase voltage 220V,three-phase 380V;
  •  Power is 0.55KW, 0.75KW, 1.5KW;
  •  Lift 8-35 meters

Ventilation window
•    Made of quality engineering plastic, solid and durable ageing;
•    The window inside under a wind gathering board, stop and change the direction of the wind blowing cold wind, let the fresh air in the house;
•    Protective network of small wind resistance and defense of birds, good tightness;
•    Equipped with stainless steel spring, tight closure;
•    The unique design of the thermal insulation layer, thermal insulation effect is good;
•    General installation size is 560 x 270mm, versatile mounting dimensions of 630 x 230mm, with hood.

Manual winch and electric winch
Manual control: acconding to the negative pressure meter parameters inside the sheds, keeping staff can be manually adjusted until they reached the shed with winch negative pressure parameter requirements. Electric control: mode, opening degree according to the given parameters by negative pressure controller automatic cx^ntrol electric winch to adjust the window. Mode two, aaxxding to the wind turbine to automatically adjust the window opening.

Light mask
Using the PVC pure raw materials, corrosbn resistance, aging resistance, no deformation, easy deaning, W type design reasonable, ensure good performance of shading and ventilation effect.
Thickness of 190mm, length and height can be customized acx»rding to user requirements.

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