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Automatic drinking system papilla


Chicken, chicken, duck drinking water system consists of 3 meters or 4 meters water supply unit, and their regulator and a water level display is connected, form water pipelines, and hung on the hanging beam (the maximum suspension 300 cm), with the help of hand winch. One end of the water up to 60 meters, from the middle of water up to 120 meters, the water level 10-35 cm adjustable. Broiler house each line spacing of 2.5-3.5 meters, water feed line principle than a. Chicken or chicken meat for habitat protection device with charged, every 5-7 meters installed a waterline.

Convenient assembly and disassembly, good sealing. Extended design, prevent the flushing water which is caused by excessive drinking water leakage phenomenon between the units.

Inlet cone valve type drinking nipples, using double seal design, seal more reliable. The shell is made of anticorrosive materials, the internal structure of the international top stainless steel, precision instrument processing, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, never leakage, can be vertical, horizontal, 360 degree rotation. Feeding ability: Chicken 10-12 only, 8-10 only, 8-10 only breeder duck.

Papillary uses stainless steel ball valve seal, 360 degrees of water, small triggering force without water leakage, can be the perfect supporting circular tube used to flush the line, more convenient. Feeding ability: Chicken 10-12 only, 8-10 only, 8-10 only breeder duck.

The front end of a water supply device

By changing the direction of the handle of the ball valve, realize the normal water supply, irrigation, adding three functions.
The front end component, is an important link in the drinking water system, such as pressure control, water control, flushing, dosing etc, should be adjusted in strict accordance with the instructions for use.
The flushing line bold design, ensures the flushing when sufficient water.

Adjustable proportional injection:
0.07-10% (1:1500-1:10)
Water flow during operation:
10L/h-2.5m3/h (0.16 L/min -41.66 L/min)
1/3 US (Pint/min-11 US GPM)
Running water pressure:
0.3-6 bar(4.3PSI-85PSI)
Flow injection: 
0.007-200 L/h (0.004 US FI oz/min-0.88 US GPM)

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