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Poultry cage feeding chicken, how to observe chicken status

Date:2016-12-16 23:30 Author:TDM Source:TDM exporting department Click: Font:BMS

Centralized breeding cages have now become the breeding industry more commonly used cage equipment, not only long life and beautiful easy to clean, but compared to backyard, the cage is still a certain limit, the use of cage time must be Real-time attention to the dynamics of flocks to prevent problems can not be found.
Chicken intake at any time to observe the situation should be calculated daily consumption of feed and found that chicken feed intake should be timely to find out the reasons to be addressed.
Pick out sick chickens. Every day should observe the flocks and found that poor appetite, slow action of the chicken should be singled out and isolated observation of treatment; if a large number of dead chickens and a large number of dead, must be immediately necropsy, analyze the reasons in order to discover whether the chickens Epidemic disease. Daily morning observation of stool, on white diarrhea, typhoid and other infectious diseases to be promptly discovered.
Not only to pay attention to the dynamics of the chicken but also to control the environment of the house often disinfected, regular ventilation, the above is about cage monitoring problems, if you want to know more information, please click

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