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Chicken farm equipment examine and repair

Date:2016-12-12 21:57 Author:TDM Source:TDM exporting department Click: Font:BMS

Chicken farm equipment used for a long time, there will be some small damage, then the correct maintenance is our top priority, then let us take a look at the following cages and chicken equipment in the maintenance of the points to pay attention to it .
Chicken equipment
1. In the process of installing the cages, it is forbidden to charge, especially during the process of wiring.
2. For the magnetic field taboo, as part of the device drive components may be affected by electrostatic magnetic field is relatively large, cages, and therefore have to deal with the electrostatic environment to protect the governor to normal operation.
3. To ensure the installation of the environment to prevent the humidity of the equipment for the impact of ventilation at the same time regularly, are able to maintain a certain space, so that the device can be ventilated at any time to deal with the driver.
4. For the adoption of anti-seismic measures, equipment to avoid excessive vibration, you can take some measures to protect the equipment vibration operation.
To sum up is that we spray on the chicken cage today to repair all the points explained, I hope today's explanation will help you!

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