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Poultry cage manufacture tell you how to maintain chicken cage

Date:2016-12-10 20:42 Author:TDM Source:TDM exporting department Click: Font:BMS

Chicken breeding needs a clean and comfortable environment, so in the process of chicken farming should pay attention to maintaining the clean and maintenance of cages, then we usually need to pay attention to what, chicken cage manufacturers give you a detailed introduction.
    Clean the inside and outside of the cage to ensure that the sliding surface, screw, rack, gear box, oil hole, etc. no oil, the various parts of oil, air, equipment around the chips, debris, dirt to clean Clean; Tools, accessories, workpieces (products) to be placed neatly, pipelines, lines should be organized; to comply with safe operating procedures, not overload the use of equipment, equipment, safety protection device complete and reliable, timely elimination of insecurity.
    Cage maintenance should be carried out according to maintenance procedures. Equipment maintenance procedures is the daily maintenance of equipment requirements and regulations, adhere to the implementation of equipment maintenance procedures, equipment can extend the life, to ensure safe and comfortable working environment.
    Equipment to achieve neat, clean, strong, lubrication, corrosion, safety and other operational content, methods of operation, the use of tools and materials, to achieve the standards and precautions; routine inspection and maintenance and regular inspection of the parts, methods and standards. The daily maintenance of the cage is the basic work of equipment maintenance, must be institutionalized and standardized.
    The above is about the daily maintenance of cages, for the maintenance we must not be taken lightly, the need for regular cleaning, can not be overloaded.

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