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Advantage of poultry cage

Date:2016-12-02 22:22 Author:TDM Source:TDM exporting department Click: Font:BMS

With the improvement of standard of living and nutrition diet, chicken became a common food on the table. The traditional backyard way more and more can not meet the needs of consumers, large-scale farming has become a new choice. So what are the benefits of cage culture?
    With the increasing demand of chicken, the development of broiler cages and the intensive use of land area have become the important development direction of poultry industry.With the increasing tension of stock raising, especially the situation of poultry farm, the land is becoming increasingly restricted. Chicken industry development bottleneck, at the same time chicken labor situation is more and more severe, and chicken cage manufacturers provide cages complete sets of equipment, automatic chicken, automatic ring control of the metal stack automatic cage equipment, the development of commercial chicken cage is raised Chicken in the field of the necessary, the implementation of broiler cages, has been achieved in many areas of remarkable results.
      The machine is equipped with automatic feeder, automatic cleaning equipment, automatic egg collection equipment, automatic temperature control system and other advanced equipment, not only can save labor time, but also save labor costs, can save a lot of time to busy other things . The development of commercial chicken cage farming is a trend of social development, many rural farmers actively explore multi-layer cage technology, and achieved remarkable results. Broiler cages for rural poultry farming specialized breeding become a reality.
      Cage culture can be seen not only improve the efficiency of farming and also greatly reduce the cost of the majority, it is farmers' first choice.

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