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How to prevent chicken heatstroke

Date:2016-12-23 13:26 Author:TDM Source:TDM exporting department Click: Font:BMS

The poultry farm is equipped with advanced broiler equipment and laying hens, and the biggest problem they are experiencing in the summer is the heat-induced chicken heatstroke. Here are some ways to prevent heat stroke in laying hens and broilers.
    1, appropriate to reduce the stocking density, reduce the number of livestock and poultry per unit area, as far as possible to reduce stress stimuli, such as driving, refueling, for breeders and so on.
    2, good summer cooling measures to take a variety of measures to reduce the external environment of livestock and poultry house and the temperature inside the poultry house, such as available curtain, negative pressure ventilation, cooling water spray cooling roof.
    3, the construction of the roof when the roof insulation properties to be sure, the roof is best painted white, can maximize the reflection of the sun's heat radiation and reduce Shevchenko.
    4, in the chicken house around planting trees, such as planting some tall trees, neither affect the ventilation and play a shade, avoid direct sunlight.The lawn can also be a large number of adsorption of heat, avoid sunlight reflex. Practice has proved that good green farm Can reduce the temperature 3 ~ 5 ℃.
    The above is about chicken cage equipment summer cooling down method, if you want to know more about chicken knowledge, please click

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