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How to identify good quality chicken cage

Date:2016-12-07 21:00 Author:TDM Source:TDM exporting department Click: Font:BMS

Hot galvanized chicken cage is a new cages products, more traditional cages, there are many advantages, not only long life and beautiful and easy to clean, is one of the essential equipment of the chicken farm. However, it should be noted that the quality of the cages determines the life, and feeding effect, be sure to purchase quality and reliable cages.
High-quality galvanized chicken cage features:
     1, easy assembly, keeping convenient, easy to manage, save space, effective prevention of infectious diseases, improve chickens survival rate.
     2, hot-dip galvanized chicken cage cage mesh composite, hot galvanized production, support for the cold plate rolling forming galvanized production, trough for the white plastic steel material, including the adjustment plate, with joints, plastic pad mesh diameter Q15mm.
     3, cage cage steel wire surface is smooth, no laceration or scratches and harmful defects, chicken cage mesh forming, can effectively prevent chicken foot injury, to prevent laceration caused by chicken foot caused by chicken foot grapes Cocci.
     Procurement of good quality cages in order to reduce operating costs and achieve farm profit targets.

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