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About us

TDM poultry cage machinery Co., Ltd locates in Shandong Province of China, which is well known as leading machinery manufacting industry base. With high ranking research, production and installation team, we concentrate on providing trouble-free project and aftersales service to our clients. We have devoted ourselves to poultry cage and equipment (Poultry cage, layer cage, egg collecting system, manure collecting system), design and sales. We also have abundant experience in  manure organic fertilizer processing line, feeding production line, etc. Our service includes machine supply, installation, training, maintenance and technique support.
With advanced and comprehensive production facilities invloving machining, rivet weld, press-assembly and painting etc, we can achieve over 8000 ton machine per year of capacity. We focused on human resource development, our harmonious working environment and management concept attracted sufficient technicians, engineers, workers and sales talent.
We have helped our clients to set up Poultry Farm in many countries such as Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, Mexico, Cameroon, Egypt and other countries.

Scope of Business Activities:
•    Designing and manufacturing animal husbandry & poultry farming equipments;
•    Planning and designing modernized animal husbandry & poultry farms, feed processing plants and animal products processing plants;
•    International trade and cooperation of animal husbandry & poultry projects and relative equipments;
•    Constructing turn-key projects.

Main Products:
•    Automatic poultry farming equipment;
•    Industrized pig farming equipment including cow, sheep, and rabbit farming as well;
•    Ventilating and heating equipment, cooling system for poultry and livestock housing;
•    Hatchery equipment for poultry;
•    Feed processing machine and complete set of feed processing equipments;
•    Straw stalks and forage processing equipment;
•    Bio-fermentation organic fertilizer and compound fertilizer producing equipments;
•    Poultry & livestock processing and refrigerating equipments.







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